Fragments of being by Jeff Flesch

Fragments of beingby Jeff Flesch[author’s site] as our cup fillswith the sands of timethe hourglassherein, may breakinto tiny fragmentsof being,yet you remain quiet,and still,in the all-pervadingknowing,of all that you’ve been shownwhile you continuegrowing. sand may leakhere and there,just like a tearescapesyour heart,and the rainis released fromthe galaxies of space. here andthen gone,present andthen notit’s all… Leer más Fragments of being by Jeff Flesch

Falling Starlight Merry Maiden

Falling Starlightby Marry Maidenauthor’s site: Dragon moon weepson the darker side of midnighttime in a teardropsoftly falling starlight @Merry Maiden ABOUT US  Welcome to MasticadoresUSA. MasticadoresUSA was founded by Juan Re Crivello as part of Gobblers/Masticadores in 2021. Its current editor is Gabriela Marie Milton. MasticadoresUSA features talented writers of poetry and short prose. We primarily publish writers… Leer más Falling Starlight Merry Maiden

Aftermath of love by Punam

Aftermath of loveby Punam[author’s site] We walked miles with blistered feet across the burlywood desert of oppositionand lay bare entwined under thepuce blanket of the firmament You promised me unending sunsets of amaranth velvetinessmagical nights under the jacaranda tree mellowed by passion lazy cerulean days lounged and laughed with gay abandonliquid sunshine afternoons basked and… Leer más Aftermath of love by Punam

IN THE HOURS OF CARE by Jay Mora-Shihadeh

IN THE HOURS OF CAREby Jay Mora-Shihadeh[author’s site] in the hours of carea rabbit dodges a shootingand hobbitsinto a hole in the ground grasses burn and pencil a pathcrooked footings landgrounded in sand sun crescents the ridgein orangeglares linger and foragethe forest floorto feast free from famine to full-bellied manhear me now-let the beasts liveand… Leer más IN THE HOURS OF CARE by Jay Mora-Shihadeh

Ghost In The Machine by Swarn Gill

image: Josh Marshall/ Unsplash Ghost in The Machineby Swarn Gill[author’s site] cold titanium, metallic touch,protect from feeling far too muchyour crutch awaken darling, feel this fleshmy hand conforms to yoursour eyes connect by unseen tetherlove dances across the medium laser looks in calculated gazeinformation fills emotionless dayssafety pays I have joys to show you, give… Leer más Ghost In The Machine by Swarn Gill

Am I only? by Ingrid Wilson

Am I only? by Ingrid Wilson[author’s site] As the magnetic resonanceflashes up an imageof zeros and onesconverted to an imageon a computer screenso I can seethe chambers of my brainI ask now ‘Am I only: grey mattergrown complex throughnatural selectionand a million or more yearsof change? Complex configurationof synaptic pathwaysneurons flowinglike the tidefrom positive to… Leer más Am I only? by Ingrid Wilson

Gloaming by Jaya Avendel

Gloamingby Jaya Avendel [author’s site] Cuticle hearts shine behind your tearsLanterns on a fog-shrouded moorTwelve bullfrogs under the stileRegurgitate the symphony of their childhood. The stars drip low on staticA dew-frosted peach offers itselfLeave crimson black lipstick stains on the high curveEat only half the moon. Edge’s blur into the horizonWalking the galactic ridges of… Leer más Gloaming by Jaya Avendel

Mulberries in the Piedmont by Bartholomew Barker

Mulberries in the Piedmontby Bartholomew Barker [author’s site] From the first snow meltuntil my coatless hike,I’ve walked under this treewithout noticing its mulberries.I rush to pluck the fruit,ripened purple over a warm night,pop juicy morsels in my stained mouth,gambling on sweet against tart.A mother starling nags from overhead,so I leave a few for her hatchlings—a… Leer más Mulberries in the Piedmont by Bartholomew Barker

Siren Songs of Rambling Roads by Ty Gardner

Siren Songs of Rambling Roads by Ty Gardner [author’s site][amazon site] The rambling roads are calling home,and the paper trails of prose-poemed passages we vowed to roam echo visions of misted-morning veils o’er mountain valley mezzanines. With hearkened hearts we heed in haste,restless to revel the magic.Longing to drink in the majesty and miracle of life.Anxious to… Leer más Siren Songs of Rambling Roads by Ty Gardner

At 4 am, You Call Me Into Waking by Tremaine L. Loadholt

At 4 am, You Call Me Into Waking-Tremaine L. Loadholt and it isn’t odd, this iswhat you’ve done for years–awaken me from deep sleep . . .I allow it.there’s something about yourraspy voice at this hour,something about the breathsyou take that make mebe still and listen.I love the world aroundwhat we’ve built.we have a common… Leer más At 4 am, You Call Me Into Waking by Tremaine L. Loadholt

An Old Beginning by M. Taggart

An Old Beginning -M. Taggart [author’s site] Talk beautiful and watch the world collapse-Humanity disbelieves its current balanceand once again painted prints are unableto cover anything in entirety, so it spreads,unending, as though it has finally foundcommunion in the space inside our heads,where we live while watching our thoughts,and they are indeed beautiful, yet we… Leer más An Old Beginning by M. Taggart