Taken by Christine Bolton

Takenby Christine Bolton[author’s site] Standing in silver lightof consumed moonStaring out to seaHair, raven blackLifted by the windPalmed rose, thornyColor of bloodClutched tightlyto a heaving breastas tears flowedSkulls of saintscalling to lost soulsin watery gravesWhere pearls from tissuecalcify in salty seaLured by songsof sailors lostBlood tricklesfrom royal fleshtaken by waves Copyright © 2020 Christine Bolton… Leer más Taken by Christine Bolton

World without end by Ingrid Wilson

World without endby Ingrid Wilson[author’s site] There was a cabinet containing skittleslined up on a chequerboard in the museumwhen I was youngand two walls of the cabinetwere mirrorsso it looked as if the skittles stretched out to eternity and whose to saythey didn’t? At least as far as the eye could seethey multiplied and filled the plane. Divide zero by… Leer más World without end by Ingrid Wilson

sabotage by Nancy Elliott

sabotageby Nancy Elliot [author’s site] they said they caredand you believed it was trueevery single time.how could trust come backagain and againafter each undermined effort,each bewildered loss,each stolen idea,each proud moment mocked,each tear-stained reflection in the mirror,each echo of smug laughter?you break the trail with hope,lugging your ever-rekindled faith,always finding it leadsto the same abandoned… Leer más sabotage by Nancy Elliott

The Nihilists’ by Ty Gardner

The Nihilists’by Ty Gardner[author’s site][Amazon site] We lived as doors.Revolving.Swinging open.Closing.A promise to beyond, leading somewhere.Anywhere.Nowhere. Like the synchronized crinkle-tearing of paper hearts,we were wild in love, spreading passion-fire far and wide. She was top-down-with-the-wind-in-your-hair cool,the sun glinting off her vintage 60s style cat-frame sunglasses,and I wanted to drive with her down all the old… Leer más The Nihilists’ by Ty Gardner

Satin Locks by Sarika Jaswani

Satin Locksby Sarika Jaswanivisit author’s sites: WordPress Blogspot Twitter With bare honed teeth-comb of serenityI brush long wavy hair of intentions and chancesBrambly is hair of my circumstancesKnotted in places where I’ve missed incisive combingSplitted on ends are coincidencesAs a taunt for a lack of callingBroken wishesBarred to ever see light of sun-lay mangled in… Leer más Satin Locks by Sarika Jaswani

A brief narrative interlude Gary Gautier

A brief narrative interlude by Gary Gautier [author’s sites: http://www.shakemyheadhollow.com; http://www.garygautier.com]  Who was I to be working on a trail?I know nothing of trails. ButI do know one thing. Treeshave no hearts. Butthere it was. A deformity, a fleshy blotch, somethingprimeval, excessive, root and stem, somethingludicrous, abhorrent, something that shouldn’t be there. Raging, I tore… Leer más A brief narrative interlude Gary Gautier

Fragments of being by Jeff Flesch

Fragments of beingby Jeff Flesch[author’s site] as our cup fillswith the sands of timethe hourglassherein, may breakinto tiny fragmentsof being,yet you remain quiet,and still,in the all-pervadingknowing,of all that you’ve been shownwhile you continuegrowing. sand may leakhere and there,just like a tearescapesyour heart,and the rainis released fromthe galaxies of space. here andthen gone,present andthen notit’s all… Leer más Fragments of being by Jeff Flesch

Falling Starlight Merry Maiden

Falling Starlightby Marry Maidenauthor’s site: https://twitter.com/queenofcups99?lang=en Dragon moon weepson the darker side of midnighttime in a teardropsoftly falling starlight @Merry Maiden ABOUT US  Welcome to MasticadoresUSA. MasticadoresUSA was founded by Juan Re Crivello as part of Gobblers/Masticadores in 2021. Its current editor is Gabriela Marie Milton. MasticadoresUSA features talented writers of poetry and short prose. We primarily publish writers… Leer más Falling Starlight Merry Maiden

Upon Waking by Annette Kalandros

Upon Walkingby Annette Kalandros[author’s site] Linger hereIn this vibrancy of opalescent color,This swirling silken scent,Hide the realities awayFor they intrude too muchUpon this, this sweetness of longing—Let me wake, reaching out a handtracing air as if following the curves of herwarm skin in memory @Annette Kalandros ABOUT US  Welcome to MasticadoresUSA. MasticadoresUSA was founded by Juan… Leer más Upon Waking by Annette Kalandros

Aftermath of love by Punam

Aftermath of loveby Punam[author’s site] We walked miles with blistered feet across the burlywood desert of oppositionand lay bare entwined under thepuce blanket of the firmament You promised me unending sunsets of amaranth velvetinessmagical nights under the jacaranda tree mellowed by passion lazy cerulean days lounged and laughed with gay abandonliquid sunshine afternoons basked and… Leer más Aftermath of love by Punam

IN THE HOURS OF CARE by Jay Mora-Shihadeh

IN THE HOURS OF CAREby Jay Mora-Shihadeh[author’s site] in the hours of carea rabbit dodges a shootingand hobbitsinto a hole in the ground grasses burn and pencil a pathcrooked footings landgrounded in sand sun crescents the ridgein orangeglares linger and foragethe forest floorto feast free from famine to full-bellied manhear me now-let the beasts liveand… Leer más IN THE HOURS OF CARE by Jay Mora-Shihadeh