On Lined by Eric Daniel Clarke

photo: Eric Daniel Clarke, 2007

On Lined

by Eric Daniel Clarke
Twitter @EDC_Writing
Blog www.believingsightunseen.wordpress.com

She of an age not young
nor old, she knows he
knows, her lines and eyes
he pins within a decade.

He shows his own, tells
who asks, yet as if, he
not believed, she says
more wish, he can’t be.

Line by line, no time
to tell, she feels, he too,
souls bite, blind eyed,
no sound, no body.

@Eric Daniel Clarke

Eric Daniel Clarke is an Englishman, raised near the Jurassic coastline of Hardy’s Wessex. He has spent his adult life near the river Thames, working as a scientist at the boundaries of the physical and life sciences. Now in his later years he finds himself writing poetry and prose, using words in place of molecules to explore life’s boundaries. His first book of poetry ‘Shorts: A Take On Poetry’ was published in 2020. As @EDC_Writing he can be found on Twitter.

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  1. This is very beautiful!

    Le gusta a 1 persona

  2. Intriguing and engaging Eric! 💖👏👏

    Me gusta

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