I lost you by Swarn Gill

Patricia Piffath; Beach Beauty

I lost you

by Swarn Gill
site: https://cloakunfurled.com/

I lost you
just after I discovered
you could be found

But I knew
you’d be at the shore
and my journey began

Treading across cool sand
threading the wet meets dry
hoping your face appeared

Each strand I combed
too many to count
across braided deltas
waiting for winds
to brush away the fog
each step
I swear I saw your
face focusing from blur
revealing itself to me

When I found you
you were injecting
sunlight in your veins
keeping yourself warm
in my absence

A wave swept me to your feet
You, in elbowed repose
beamed at me
hair falling away from
the horizon of your shoulders

Knees on sand
I leaned towards you
taking in every grain
of your face
love flooded the shore
and we ebbed our days away

@Swarn Gill

Gabriela Marie Milton
#1 Amazon Bestseller Author
Woman: Splendor and Sorrow :I Love Poems and Poetic Prose
Passions: Love Poems and Other Writings

6 Comentarios Agrega el tuyo

  1. I want to be «found» just like this! 😍

    Me gusta

  2. jonicaggiano dice:

    Congratulations on this very beautifully written publication. I love the gentle way in which you ended this piece. So lovely. Hugs, Joni

    Me gusta

  3. Ingrid dice:

    Wonderful! I love the ebb and flow, and the ache of yearning in this poem!!

    Me gusta

  4. Wow this is absolutely beautiful poem!!

    Me gusta

  5. The imaginative reality of ‘lost but found’ effect in the poem is both soothing and triggering. Nicely written poetic piece!

    Me gusta

  6. Such Beautiful flow and sentiments in your beautiful poem! 👏💖

    Me gusta

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