Jazz by Michael Stang

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Jazz by Michael Stang
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Inaudible skies show off shape canopies, covers shaking with existence under clouds we sprinkled forgetting they exist because we thought them emergent.

Huddled wall paper moons where the bones meet bones walk the one foot in front of the other that takes our years. Flush to it until we can’t let go. This spirit life gives nothing. A blank page in front of a writer, to make sense you have to bring it to yourself. No promise, none taken, we are simply on our own.

Suffered damage molds the corners, characters discarded from the play, children’s toys left to dust tridents in their glory days. Baggage dragged around because we don’t know how to put it. Alley dumpster — but then we lose that sweet against — always the case with universal balance. 

Spartan is not revival, it’s honest and steeped. Spiraled in tradition a stated cast. Lives run simplicity that separates us from others. Seamless invades as the blood in our veins. However this goes we are all one. 

Doesn’t take much to live. Life takes everything. Rules given to ourselves by ourselves. What we know has cracks we fall into. Nothing is secure, the race has lived for thousands of years the ghosts hang around to see how its going,

Michael Stang 2021

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  1. Welcome Michael to Masticadores. Your collaboration is a pleasure. Best regards, Juan re crivello.

    Le gusta a 2 personas

  2. jonicaggiano dice:

    Beautifully written prose. This is very provocative in that it brings many questions to my mind. Honest, raw and yet so much truth, which I find heart-breaking. To me the key line in this incredible work is:

    «Doesn’t take much to live. Life takes everything.» So much of this poem runs true with lots of issues that are taking place in our lives today. We live in the rules that are set by ourselves in so many ways and yet there are so many cracks as you write and so true. «Lives run simplicity that separates us from others. Seamless invades as the blood in our veins. However this goes we are all one.»

    Sad we can’t seem to make things better, that we do literally create rules that throw people into «cast» systems. Yet in the end we are all the same, so often the only difference in one person living the high life in ancient Sparta (for example) verses starving to death from lack of those basic needs, is fate. Were you born inside or outside the gate?

    I love a piece of writing that really makes you think about all kinds of issues in the world but written almost entirely metaphorical. Really enjoyed this Michael. Thank you for sharing. Joni

    Le gusta a 3 personas

  3. Brad Osborne dice:

    Another fabulous selection! Filled with so many images and metaphors that it is easy to find some part of yourself within these words. And that connection is where the beauty lies!

    Le gusta a 2 personas

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